Anya Allen


Everybody’s got some label they want to stick on Anya-–child actor, diva, rehab survivor, teenage car wreck, new age vegetarian, celebrity—but they only see what they expect to see. Anya’s just a girl who’s trying to figure out what type of woman she wants to be. The problem is she’s doing it in front of millions of people. She’s experimenting with Buddhism right now which is driving her parents crazy because they are strict Methodists. But given Anya’s past, they should consider themselves lucky because she could be experimenting with a lot worse than that. Anybody who thinks they know the real Anya is fooling themselves, and that includes me. I know parts of Anya. But she keeps a lot hidden, from me, from Jake, from the media, maybe even from herself.

Jake Seever


Personally, I wouldn’t have included Jake on this page but Anya insisted that he had a major impact on the site’s content, and I guess if you count how many fans he turned against us then yes, he did have a big influence on the site. Actually, he’s not a horrible person—he’s just a horrible person for Anya. But here’s a fun fact about Jake courtesy of Anya: Jake’s dad had a thing with his personal trainer and left them when Jake was fifteen, so every year he takes his mom out for dinner and a movie on the anniversary of the divorce, which is kinda sweet. He made Anya this little photo album of when she went to his house for Thanksgiving last year. [Click here if you want to see the pics.] I have to admit they look like a happy couple. If only they could’ve stayed that way. But they never do. Jake blames me and the site but they had problems long before I came along.

Rhiannon Holt


I manage all the details. It sounds like a boring job but it’s not. There are a million things that need to be done in order for this project to fly and I make sure they get done. Six months ago I was a waitress and now I’ve got interns getting me iced coffee from Starbucks. Directors and producers answer my calls, which is awesome. Fun facts about me—I can snap my fingers or blow a bubble. Everybody says that I could if I tried, but I’ve tried and I can’t. The bubble pops every time and my fingers never make that snapping sound. They just kind of rub together.

Javier Rivera

Web Designer/Camera

Shoots all the videos on the site and on the YouTube Channel. Created those cool Apps where fans can alter Anya’s appearance any way they want (except see her naked). Native New Yorker. Takes film courses at NYU part-time. Fun Facts: He hates bananas (I found this out when I tried to get him to share some of my famous banana split sundae); he wanted to be a professional soccer player when he was ten; he actually irons his t-shirts. His fave movies are Apocalypse Now, The Motorcycle Diaries, There Will Be Blood, and Mulholland Drive.

Austin Deluca


Edits all of the videos for the site. Jav met him and Dave at NYU and hired them as soon as some money started coming in. Eats pretty much all the time, I swear. Majorly addicted to candy. Fave snacks are Snicker bars and black licorice. I don’t know how he stays so cut except that he is obsessed with working out. Does crunches and push-ups while his editing program is rendering his stuff. Not bad at cooking breakfast foods like omelets or waffles but that’s about it. For dinner it’s mac and cheese or spaghetti with sauce from a jar.

Dave Campbell

Sound Guy

Records and mixes the sound for all the shoots. Also takes film and audio production courses at NYU. He’s got this collection of sound clips of stupid things people say when they forget their mics are still on. My fave is the bathroom sound clips. It’s hilarious what people say to themselves in front of the mirror. Can play a whole bunch of instruments including the sax, guitar, the piano and the ukulele. Mostly self-taught. Sometimes I hear him plucking away at the guitar or the uke and it’s real soothing.

Dr. Leander

Anya’s Psychiatrist

Big fan of the site. I think she has a soft spot for Anya because she used to watch Extra Points with her two girls. Plus she has that therapists’ need to heal a bird with a broken wing. Anya says she ends up crying in practically every session, but I guess that’s a good thing. She’s not your typical psychiatrist who only cares about how your med levels are doing; she wants to hear about your struggles.

Rachael Stewart

Office Manager

Manages all kinds of details from making sure location agreements are signed to reserving plane tickets. Not to mention the financial info you have to file with the government every quarter. Plus, she’s got a killer closet of clothes, so she adds some class to our group of nerds and geeks (along with Anya of course!). She actually designs a lot of her own outfits but is really not into promoting herself, but someone from Project Runway should definitely give her a call!

Patty Snabaitis

Massage Therapist

Anya’s massage therapist is a sweetie. She donates a lot of time at fundraisers and events like the Boston Marathon, which is where they met. Patty’s got a pretty big list of clients (including other celebrities) but she always makes time for Anya. Aside from her awesome massages, I think the reason they get along so well is that they both are crazy about animals. If Anya had her way she’d have a full petting zoo in her backyard, but Jake is definitely not into pets so she’s waiting until she gets a place out of the city.