When I was a kid, one of the shows I used to watch was Extra Points; Anya played Emily, my favorite character. Emily seemed to have that perfect combination of sass and sweetness. After the show was canceled, like most of the TV watching public, I enjoyed seeing Anya’s public car wreck as she got caught doing drugs and driving drunk. She was no longer that fresh-faced girl we loved to love. She was now that spoiled teenager who we loved to make fun of. Later, after my own life went down the drain, I like to think that if I had thought about Anya I would’ve sympathized with her. I like to think I would’ve understood how easy it is to make the wrong choices when you feel desperate or hopeless. But who knows. By the time I turned eighteen and had moved to New York City, I hadn’t thought about Anya in a long time, so it was a shock when I turned up for my first day at H—– and I saw her in line to train with me. Both of us didn’t belong there and we knew it. We became friends and came up with the idea of the website because if anyone needed a make-over it was Anya. We knew that it would attract an audience because a lot of young women like me still thought about Extra Points with nostalgia. As for the rest of the American public, who can resist a comeback story, especially if they can participate? We came up with the gimmick for the website and the rest, as they say, is history.


1. At the beginning of every week, a category is announced. Examples included hair style, clothing, tattoos, piercings, etc.

2. Fans have 24 hrs. to upload makeover tips to the website—makemeover.us. After 24 hrs., the makeovers would be frozen. Fans have 48 hrs. to vote or “Like” their favorite makeover.

3. The suggestion with the most “Likes” wins. A video of Anya doing that makeover will be posted on the site and our YouTube channel.

4. If at any time, Anya chooses not to adopt a winning makeover, the website will be terminated.

5. Every four weeks fans will be allowed to come up with the category. After 24 hours, fans will be able to vote for the category of their choice. Once the category is selected, the fans will have 24 hrs. to upload their makeover tips as usual. Anya will have 24 hours to decide whether she will accept the winning makeover or terminate the project.